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The Regina Road Runners Club, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, is dedicated to the promotion of running in the Regina area, and to the enrichment of the running experience among its members. Click here for membership information.

The RRRC holds several fun, semi-competitive events throughout the year. Events include trail races, road races, prediction races, handicap/pursuit and scavenger hunt/adventure races. At many of the events, there is food and camaraderie amongst fellow runners afterwards.

The blog portion of this site is intended to be a tool to communicate information about upcoming events to members of the RRRC as well as non-members. There will be at least one blog posting per event. RRRC events are held throughout the year, but are concentrated from May to October, therefore most posts will be in the warmer months of the year.

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Calendar of Events

See up to date Event information here:


2016 events

Download a PDF of our 2016 Events calendar here.

13 thoughts on “Home of the RRRC

    • Sorry Brendan, Regina Beach had to be cancelled this year due to unstable slopes for part of the trail resulting in trail closure, excess water on the trail and the state of emergency declared by Regina Beach. Pasqua Lake Trail Challenge will be our next race, a great alternative.

  1. Hi
    I am wanting to get back into running and would like to find a group to train with. Do you have a training group with coaching?


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