Prediction Mile

No matter how poor (or well) your New Year Resolution is going, you’ll be able to make it 1 mile around the track!

The Prediction Mile is coming up, Saturday, January 26 at 20:00 at the Sportplex Fieldhouse. 

Predict your time to run one mile on the track and whoever is closest to their prediction, wins! No timing devices allowed though! 

Last year’s winner was only 1 second off his prediction. Two years ago, there was a tie, with the top predictions only 3 seconds off.

Distance:          1 mile (1.6 km / 1760 yards / 5280 feet / etc.)
Start location:    Fieldhouse track, 1717 Elphinstone Street
Start time:         8:00 PM

Register online 
         Or in person at 7:30 PM at the race

Cost (early bird):          Free for RRR members
                                  $10 non-members
Cost after January 23rd          $5 RRR members
                                            $15 non-members

Join us for pizza and pop after the race!

Come for a (short) run, come to win, come to have fun, come to eat!!! Image

Also, check out the 2013 Calendar of Events on the website!


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