Details for Prediction Mile

Prediction Mile is this Saturday, January 26 at 20:00!
Of course, the distance is 1 mile, where the person closest to their predicted time wins! I do not have a course map available, but I think I can describe it accurately without a graphic. The course consists of seven complete laps of the outside lane at the Sportsplex Fieldhouse (1717 Elphinstone St). 
We will be running the event in 2-3 heats. This format will allow everyone present to participate. Each person will take a turn timing other folks as they run. Please bring a timing device to assist with the timing – just make sure you aren’t wearing it when you are running!
If you haven’t already registered, registration costs $15 for non-members, $5 for members. Exact change is appreciated.
As long as you are there, ready to run, arriving 25 minutes before 20:00 (8:00 PM) should get you there in ample time to get registered. 
There will be pizza, pop and camaraderie after the event, in Classroom 1. 
Memberships are valid until the end of March, but I can collect forms ( and fees if you are looking to renew. Any new memberships will be valid until March 2014.

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