Boot Race Results

Boot Race just beat the flood. After checking out the bridges and deciding that we could go with the “bridges open” course that we had set, we put the signs up, only to see a City truck coming from the bridge! They were ready to close the bridges due to hazards from ice starting to hit the bridges! Fortunately, they were quite willing to wait a couple of hours for us! And Sunday morning, the path turning off McCarthy was under water.


To get things started, we had a military flyby (photo). Although we started out with a bit of cloud, the weather was fantastic overall and quite warm at the end.

First of all, thanks to our volunteers! Your help was much appreciated! We had volunteers to set the course, assist with registrations, bring snacks, take photos and time us – thank you!


Predictions ranged from 33 minutes to 20 minutes. Actual running times ranged from 20:48 to 32:32. Most people were within 1 minute of their predicted time.

Congratulations to Tania Diener who took home the coveted ‘boot’ award, as well as a RRRC cap. Tania was 4:28 faster than her predicted time. Tania summed up her experience saying she had not won before. That is exactly what Boot Race does – makes it achievable for anyone to win!


2012 Winner Mary Simrose (right) presents the Boot to 2013 Winner Tania Diener (left)

Most folks I talked to exceeded their expected performances, so congratulations and thanks for participating. Tom Maher and Mary Simrose were respectively closest to their predicted times at 6 and 7 seconds faster.

Name Time Clock Start Gun Time Running (Net) Time Pace Difference from Predicted
Marilyn  Leask 33:00 00:00 32:32.55 32:32.55 06:31 00:27.45
Doug  Leask 31:00 02:00 33:24.93 31:24.93 06:17 00:24.93
Tania Diener 31:00 02:00 28:31.14 26:31.14 05:18 04:28.86
Linda Fox 30:00 03:00 30:06.10 27:06.10 05:25 02:53.90
Leah Japp 29:42 03:18 32:18.00 29:00.00 05:48 00:42.00
Mary Simrose 26:53 06:07 32:53.48 26:46.48 05:21 00:06.52
Gareth Dillistone 25:00 08:00 32:27.26 24:27.26 04:53 00:32.74
Mitchell Japp 25:00 08:00 32:27.98 24:27.98 04:54 00:32.02
Jan H. Steenkamp 25:00 08:00 31:51.35 23:51.35 04:46 01:08.65
Tom Maher 24:23 08:37 32:54.35 24:17.35 04:51 00:05.65
Mark  Newton 20:00 13:00 33:48.07 20:48.07 04:10 00:48.07


We had two photographers, so please view both slideshows.

Photos courtesy Randy M.:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos courtesy Milo G.:

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