Summer Trail Race Series – Results

Week 2 Results are here. The third week of the Summer Trail Race Series at Douglas Park Hill is Thursday night, May 23, 18:00.

9-May-2013 16-May-2013
Short course
Mitchell Japp 24.01
Doug Leask 29.21 29.48
Tania Diener 26.57
Jan Steenkamp 24.12 22.42
Linda Fox 26.32
Casey Churko 22.35
Patrick Charagy 24.25
Long Course
Donn Lay 45.55 45.46
Jason Hubick 43.55 41.54
Rick Vircavs 44.47

Week 1 of the Summer Trail Race Series is complete and the second round will get underway in about 1 hour. Same place as last week – Douglas Park Hill.

The results from week 1 are posted below.

Name Distance Time
Mitchell Japp 4 24:01
Donn Lay 8 45:55
Doug Leask 4 29:21
Tania Diener 4 26:57
Jan Steenkamp 4 24:12
Linda Fox 4 26:32
Jason Hubick 8 43:55

This post will be updated each week with new results. Check back to track progress.


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