Marsh Dash Event Details 2013

Marsh Dash 2013 is tomorrow! This is the fourth annual running of the Dash.

Here are some more details for participants, or latecomers thinking about the event. If you have any questions please e-mail events(at)

All participants, walking, running or cycling will start at 09:00. Please plan to arrive for 08:40. There will be a briefing at 08:50, with clues given at 08:55 and the race starting at 09:00.

Speed is not the specific object of this event, so all walking, running and cycling teams will be competing against each other. However, to ensure that one mode of transportation is not favoured over another, different amounts of time will be given.

Walkers will have 90 minutes, runners 60 minutes and cyclists 45 minutes to complete the event.

Race will end at 10:30 followed by juice and snacks. Acknowledgment of the winners will be at 10:45.

The race will start near the parking lot at Candy Cane Park, watch for signs.

Bring a digital camera for your team. You may find a pencil or pen useful to solve some of the clues.

Cost is $5 per member of Friends of Wascana Marsh, $10 per non-member. Exact change is appreciated! Members of Regina Road Runners Club run for free.

Costumes are encouraged and will get your team extra points!

Cyclists: Please note that not all clues will be directly accessible by bicycle. You should have a bike lock with you.


  • Winners will have the most points – not necessarily the first team back
  • Points will be receiver by answering clues
  • Clues are worth different amounts, from 1-4 points
  • Partial points may be awarded
  • All answers must be in the form of a picture
  • All but one of your team members must be in each picture
  • Time is limited. Must be back in 45 minutes (cyclists), 60 minutes (runners), 90 minutes (walkers). Teams will be penalized if late (-3 points for greater than allowable time and -3 for each additional 5 minutes late)
  • Upon return, designate 1 member to report on pictures
  • Be considerate to the environment and others; we don’t have exclusive use of the area

This event is to support Friends of Wascana Marsh and  Regina Road Runners Club.

3 thoughts on “Marsh Dash Event Details 2013

  1. Thank you for organizing such a fun morning. Good time had by all and some really fun memories made Wendy T.

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