Summer Trail Race Series – rained out on Thursday

A torrential downpour hit Regina about 17:30, Thursday (June 20). Many of the intersections were flooded, rerouting and slowing down rush hour traffic. Compounded with additional traffic from the Farm Progress Show and the Riders first home game of the season (pre-season), it was slow going anywhere in Regina on Thursday night.

A combination of the above, led to me being the only one at the Summer Trail Race Series. And, I was a few minutes late for our new 18:15 start time. If you were there and left, I apologize. For those who were planning to run, go ahead and run the course and give me your time before next weekend. I’ll post the results from the two weeks next weekend or so.

I went ahead and ran the loop while I was out at White Butte. I managed to get the revised course mapped (this course was also used on June 13). Here is the map and a link to the GPX file. This course mapped out to 5.2 km.

After the big downpour, there was water in a lot more places on the course than there had been. But again, I was able to navigate through the water without getting my knees wet!

elevation and map White Butte (revised)


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