Prediction Mile Results

Prediction Mile was held last Saturday at the Fieldhouse. The race was relaxed and allowed members a good chance to cheer each other on as they went around the track.

For the first time in four years, the winner of Prediction Mile was in double digits for the seconds off prediction – but only just into double digits. The winner in 2014 has won before (2012) and was very close last year too. Congratulations to Doug Leask for his winning time of 10 seconds off prediction.  Others were close and no one was over 1 minute off their prediction, so all did well!

Here are the results:

First Name Last Name Predicted Time Recorded Time Difference (seconds)
Mitchell Japp 8:16 8:54 39
Tyler Thurmeier 8:00 7:04 56
Alvin Yau 6:42 6:19 23
Doug Leask 10:00 9:50 10
Mary Simrose 9:45 9:22 23
Milo Grimsrud 9:45 8:57 48
Jeanette Taylor 9:35 9:53 18
Marilyn Leask 10:23 10:01 22
Gareth Dillistone 8:30 9:08 38
Gary Johnson 8:20 8:34 14

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