Pasqua Lake Trail Challenge 2014 – registration open!

Get your trail shoes out and your game face on – we are now “live” to accept registrations for Pasqua Lake Trail Challenge.

Last year, Race Director Rick Minett took us on challenging, exciting course that wound up and down the hills. The course is new for the 3rd year in a row – Rick is always eyeing up improvements for your running experience! There will be a tame, no hills 5 km distance that will give runners who are not familiar with trails a nice introduction. There will be two longer options that are more challenging – 7.5 km for those looking to challenge the hills of Pasqua Lake and 15 km for those looking to conquer them!

Registration is online at RaceRoster. Fees are $35 until the end of July. Members are eligible for a $10 discount until the end of July, but must enter a Promo Code at the time of registration to be eligible for the discount. The fee increases to $45 August 1.

Please note that registration closes August 20.

The race is capped at 100 runners.

Date: Sunday, August 24, 2014 – 09:00 AM CST

Echo Valley Provincial Park, Fort Qu’Appelle, SK, Canada

Distances: Race features a 5km Try-a-Trail distance, plus a challenging 7.5 km option, or you can choose to run it twice and do 15km. The run is all on dirt/grass trails, with some single track and some double track.

The 5k is flat – all of it being at the top of the Qu’Appelle valley.

The 7.5k course is very hilly, and much of it through treed sections. Runners on this route will encounter many obstacles, including: fallen trees, low branches, steep inclines, sharp drops, and uneven footing. Gloves and eye protection are highly recommended.

The 15k Challenge race is two loops of the 7.5k course.

Please help us promote this race. Share this site with anyone who may be interested.

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