Flatlanders Road Race – 20 years of running

Flatlanders 2014

“Celebrating 20 years”
Saturday, October 4th, 9:30 AM
5km, 10 km, Half-Marathon

Come join the fun, the run and the experience. The Flatlanders Road Race is celebrating 20 years as a running event in Regina. The Regina Road Runners Club and the Flatlanders Organizing Committee are proud to have been able to provide an opportunity for runners of all ages and abilities to get together as a running community for 20 years. The Flatlanders first started as a 5km and 10 km event with approximately 100 participants and a very meager budget. It has grown over the years to include over 700 runners! Even though we are a very economical and efficient road race, we have been able to donate over $20 000 in the last few years to the Hospitals of Regina Foundation. This donation is possible because of its participants; the contribution of time and energy of its many volunteers, and the sponsorship that was provided by Track and Trail and Nimbus Water for the duration of those 20 years.
The Regina Hospitals Foundation was selected in recognition of all the work that the Foundation does on behalf of our hospitals; and in appreciation of the tremendous service that our Hospitals of Regina provide to the citizens of Regina and surrounding areas.
Instead of a post-race reception this year, we are inviting everyone to the pre-race pasta supper on Friday, October 3rd, at the Regina Italian Club, Connaught St. It will be an opportunity to celebrate together (as we used to do when we started the road race), share stories and enjoy each others’ company. We are hoping that the alumni of the RRR will join us in celebration.

Hope to see you soon. In the meantime, happy running!
Vicky Bonnell, Race Director


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