Pasqua Lake Trail Challenge – Still Drying Out…

What can I say? It was not the day I envisioned when planning this race. However, as Margaret surmised, despite the cold, wet, and mud, I think people had fun. Certainly it will be a day we will all remember for a long time.

Congratulations to all the runners who braved the elements and came out. You are all winners. Results are posted below.

The true heroes of the day are the volunteers who could have stayed in their warm, dry houses, and yet came out anyway. We should all offer sincere thanks to:

  • Linda and Danny Mosely
  • Sharon Bedell
  • Wanda Bouchard-Barry and Al Barry
  • Wendy and Terry Lazarou
  • Lee Ubell
  • Tom Maher
  • Jeff Campbell
  • Pat Lee

Also a huge thanks goes out to our three main sponsors: Beginnings Fitness, Track and Trail, and Campbell Safety and Consulting.

Very special thanks to my very special lady, Pat Lee, who did a fantastic job designing and printing the race info card, and also put up with me all summer long tracking dirt, burrs and ticks into the house after my excursions through the bush clearing and marking trails.

Finally …. the purpose of this race was to raise funds for the All Nations Healing Hospital in Fort Qu’Appelle. I haven’t done the final tally, but it looks like we raised very close to our $500 goal. This money will be donated to the hospital and directed towards the purchase of new equipment associated with the patient care needs. The hospital has several equipment needs such as: I.V. Pumps, Intubator, replacement mattresses for the hospital beds etc. A new defibrillator is required at ANHH and has been identified as a priority purchase.

Final results are listed below. Once again thanks to all who came out today for your patience, good nature, and camaraderie.

— Race Director, Rick Minett

  Bib# Time Name Sex City Event
1 3545 00:40:12 Hilary McKay F Balcarres Try-a-Trail
2 1393 00:43:06 Cory Cochrane M Fort Qu’Appelle Trail Blazer
3 3863 00:49:21 Robb Taylor M Lumsden Try-a-Trail
4 1159 00:49:28 Darren Peters M Regina Trail Blazer
5 1153 00:52:29 Mitchell Japp M Craven Trail Blazer
6 1395 00:52:29 Gareth Dillistone M Regina Trail Blazer
7 1160 00:53:08 Arlen Sjodin M Regina Trail Blazer
8 1001 00:54:30 Shawn Hesse M Regina Trail Blazer
9 5289 00:55:33 John-Paul Cullen M Regina Trail Blazer
10 5292 00:56:27 Stephen Eger M Regina Trail Blazer
11 1394 00:56:27 Fiona Cribb F Regina Trail Blazer
12 1391 00:57:37 Jenna Bedel F Regina Trail Blazer
13 1112 00:57:41 Nancy Huber F Fort Qu’Appelle Trail Blazer
14 1392 00:57:44 Holly Cochrane F Fort Qu’Appelle Trail Blazer
15 5288 01:05:10 Laurie Campbell F Regina Trail Blazer
16 5430 01:05:12 Craig Johnson M Regina Trail Blazer
17 1156 01:06:59 Nicole Krause F Fort Qu’appelle Trail Blazer
18 1378 01:07:07 Rob Bartlett M Regina Trail Blazer
19 1399 01:11:18 Lynn Henderson F Regina Trail Blazer
20 1396 01:11:19 Cheri Dujardin F Regina Trail Blazer
21 1119 01:11:22 Margaret Hull F Fort Qu’Appelle Trail Blazer
22 1162 01:15:12 Jeanette Taylor F Lumsden Trail Blazer
23 5291 01:23:16 Warren Dudar M Swift current Challenge Race
24 1397 01:24:26 Chris Dujardin M Regina Trail Blazer
25 5264 01:25:58 Derek Anaquod M Regina Challenge Race
26 5510 01:26:08 Melissa Petersen F Regina Challenge Race
27 5290 01:26:54 Jeff Dudar M Regina Challenge Race
28 5298 01:27:23 Adam Uhren M Regina Challenge Race
29 2406 01:28:01 Chris Mieske M Regina Challenge Race
30 5295 01:28:51 Geoff Horn M Regina Challenge Race
31 5296 01:29:06 Jason Hubick M Regina Challenge Race
32 5399 01:29:42 Craig Verner M Esterhazy Challenge Race
33 5294 01:33:39 Shaun Hesse M Regina Challenge Race
34 5287 01:42:20 Alan Barry M Regina Challenge Race
35 5297 01:44:30 Tyler Thurmeier M Regina Challenge Race
36 5286 02:45:56 Bruce Bertwistle M Fort Qu’Appelle Challenge Race

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