Harvest Moon Run 2014

The Harvest Moon is approaching…


2013 Harvest Moon runners

Now that the race season has wound down with the successful completion of Flatlanders, the Regina Road Runners gather for a leisurely fall, fun run – in the dark!

The run is on Saturday October 25th – the last running event from the RRRC for 2014. Race Director Milo Grimsrud will give a short race briefing at 18:45, and the running will begin at 19:00 (what time is that?).  We will gather and run from the outside of the Lumsden Hotel and Steak Pit, 30 2nd Avenue, Lumsden.

The course will be a breath-taking (it could be cold, and yes – there is a hill) jaunt south of the hotel and south-west on Qu’Appelle Dr (641 grid) to Seven Bridges Road and returning by the same route. This route does not take us right out of the valley, so in comparison to previous years, the hill is minor. For those keeping track, this will be the fourth new course in as many years for the Harvest Moon run – always trying something new!

Harvest Moon run course 2014

This is a fun run to enjoy the company of other runners, reminisce about the race season and enjoy fall in the Qu’Appelle Valley. It isn’t a race and won’t be timed, but it will be fun!

As such, no registration is required and there is no cost.

The sky will be quite dark on October 25. The moon will be setting just as the run starts and the new moon provides limited light anyway.

This is a night run in late October. A headlamp or flashlight is required. Reflective clothing is required.

Following the race, everyone is invited to gather at the Lumsden Hotel and Steak Pit.


Tips for Running at Night

Paraphrased from Running Room Magazine V.18, Iss. 5 Sept-Oct 2012

  • Pay closer attention to surroundings, especially footing
  • Stay alert
  • Leave the headphones for daylight
  • Be reflective – cars need to see you
  • Wear a hat to reduce headlight glare
  • Bring a headlamp or flashlight – you’ll see better and be more visible to cars
  • Carry ID and a cell phone
  • Stick with a buddy or group

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