Prediction Mile 2015

Prediction Mile is fast approaching – this Saturday! It will be the fourth Saturday in January  – the 24th, at the Sportplex Fieldhouse.

The Prediction Mile will run at 20:00 (what time is that?).  Be there by 19:45 to make sure you are ready to go at 20:00.

What is a Prediction Mile? You just have to predict how long it will take you to run one mile on the track and whoever is closest to their prediction, wins! No timing devices allowed though!

Sounds easy, right? Well, in 3 of the last 4 years, the winners have been 1 second off prediction (tie in 2013), 1 second off (2012), 3 seconds off (tie in 2011). If you aren’t within 5 seconds of your prediction, your chances of winning are slim! Your chance of having an enjoyable evening however are extremely good.

Distance:          1 mile (1.6 km / 1760 yards / 5280 feet / etc.)
Start location:    Fieldhouse track, 1717 Elphinstone Street, Meet by the track.
Start time:         8:00 PM, Saturday January 24th.
Cost:                    Free for members. Guests of members are free, so sign up anyway.

Email the Events Coordinator by Friday January 23.

Pizza and pop after the race courtesy of RRRC.

What do I need? Whatever you need to run or walk seven complete laps of the outside lane at the Fieldhouse, plus one timing device.

Why a timing device? Everyone will take a turn running and a turn timing someone else, so everyone can participate, walkers or runners.

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