Prediction Mile 2015 Results

Prediction Mile was held last Saturday at the Fieldhouse. With a small group and one willing timer, the group all went in one heat. That let us get to the pizza sooner!

Thank you to timer Rahul Bhattacharyya and photographer Pat Blakely.

In 2015, 10 seconds off the predicted time was good enough for second last, so it was a tight competition this year. For the third time in four years, the winner of Prediction Mile was only 1 second off the predicted time. And, like in 2013, there was a 2-person tie at only 1 second off. Congratulations to Mary Simrose and Gareth Dillistone for their excellent predictive capabilities.

Here are the results:

First Name Last Name Predicted Time Recorded Time Difference (seconds)
Doug Blakely 10:00 9:51 9
Mitchell Japp 7:37 7:47 10
Milo Grimsrud 9:30 9:02 28
Mary Simrose 9:29 9:30 1
Patti Walker 8:49 8:54 5
Gareth  Dillistone 8:00 7:59 1


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