2015 Boot Race Results

We had a beautiful day for the race.  The course started from Rick Hansen park with a short loop that allowed spectators to cheer the runners on as they recrossed the start line within a minute.  There was a full loop of the island which caused the tension in the crowd to build as they could watch the runners catching and passing each other as the race developed.  The timers and finish judges were preparing for a video finish but the pack spread out some before crossing the finish line so a normal photo finish was all that was required.

All the racers did a great job and there was lots of chatting and laughing as runners and volunteers enjoyed a snack and a drink while waiting for the official results.  Doug Leask is the proud owner of the Coveted Boot Race Trophy for the next year.


2015 RRRC Boot Race
Runner Name Predicted 5km time Start time Gun Time Running (Net) Time
Doug 37:30:00 10:02:30 37:57:00 35:27:00
Linda 37:00:00 10:03:00 37:57:00 34:57:00
Murray 31:00:00 10:09:00 38:01:00 29:01:00
Jan 26:15:00 10:13:45 38:32:00 24:47:00
Jeanette 33:00:00 10:07:00 38:41:00 31:41:00
Tania 29:00:00 10:11:00 39:11:00 28:11:00
Mitchell 27:00:00 10:13:00 39:37:00 26:37:00
Jaime 33:00:00 10:07:00 39:45:00 32:45:00
Tyler 23:00:00 10:17:00 39:47:00 22:47:00
Doug 36:00:00 10:04:00 39:49:00 35:49:00
Lindsay 33:00:00 10:07:00 40:12:00 33:12:00
Lynn 33:00:00 10:07:00 40:12:00 33:12:00
Mark 19:36:00 10:20:24 40:55:00 20:31:00
Darren 22:00:00 10:18:00 42:27:00 24:27:00
Laura 40:00:00 10:00:00 43:07:00 43:07:00

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped set up and take down the course, timed the race and gathered data for the results.

Our next event is the Mountain of Hope.  Registration is now open on RaceRoster

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