Regina Beach and Wascana Wander – a “social” race

Regina Beach Trail Race is cancelled for 2015. We were initially unsure of trail conditions and while the trails are OK, our race director and host has been extremely busy volunteering with the Red Cross due to all the northern fires. The Regina Beach trail race is definitely not the only event that these fires have cancelled.

The Regina Road Runners anticipate the Regina Beach Trail Race will return in 2016.

We did not want to leave the month of July without an RRRC event, so we are introducing the Wascana Wander – a social race.

Wascana Wander will be at Wascana Trails, Saturday July 18th, starting at 09:00. Race ends at 10:30.

The objective of the race is to choose your own course and take a picture of as many trail markers as you can. There are 31 markers at Wascana Trails. IMG_0350 The event will be run very simply. You will need:

  • your own water and water bottle
  • digital camera (or smart phone)
  • a Wascana Trails map (PDF) might help you plan but there is a map on each marker too

This event is very open-ended. If you want to walk, then walk. If you only want to go for 30 minutes, that’s fine too. The first one back within the time limit (90 minutes) and has photographed the most trail signs wins (prize = glory and adulation)!

Email to sign up so we know approximate numbers. There is no charge to attend, but a donation directly to Red Cross would be appreciated by many.

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