Results from the PLTC

Pasqua Lake Trail Challenge is over. What a great day! The sky was clear and the air was cool enough to keep the runners from overheating when climbing the hills.

The new start location was great for spectators. Seeing the runners come blaring down the hill towards the finish was thrilling!

Congratulations to the winners! Check out the results below and then a few pictures from the day. There was a pair of arm warmers left behind – if they are yours please let us know.IMG_1445

Here’s a shout out to our sponsors – Track and Trail, The North Face Store – Regina, Kicking Horse Coffee. These businesses support trail running, so please support them back!


A small, but dedicated crew of volunteers helped race directors Rick and Jason with the day. A big thanks to those volunteers and also to the runners who pitched in and helped before and after the race. Extra hands makes the whole day go smooth.

Bib # Time First Name Last Name Sex City
2680 1.24.05 Shaun Hesse M Regina
2696 1.27.39 Ashley Turgeon F Calgary
2689 1.27.40 Mark Newton M Regina
2688 1.28.20 Kellie McCallum F Regina
2698 1.29.07 Brent Young M Regina
2673 1.33.26 Cory Cochrane M Fort Qu’Appelle
2694 1.36.53 Bryce Sebastian M Regina
2677 1.37.07 Remus Floricel M Regina
2678 1.37.07 Cristina Floricel F Regina
2682 1.38.38 Geoff HORN M Regina
2674 1.40.33 Dennis Dreher M Regina
2690 1.42.18 Jon Paradowski M Regina
2675 1.42.51 Jeff Dudar M Regina
2692 1.42.52 Jayden Pfeifer M Regina
2683 1.45.57 Doug Hynne M Regina
2671 1.45.58 Michelle Barnet F Regina
2697 1.47.20 Mista Winter F Regina
2687 1.47.46 Scott Manson M Regina
2681 1.50.09 Shawn Hesse M Regina
2684 1.50.38 Don Laing M Regina
2676 1.56.08 Alan Easton M Moose Jaw
2695 1.58.31 Luciano Togneri M Emerald Park
2670 1.58.53 Lisa Annesley F Moose Jaw
2685 1.59.14 Jenna Lambert F Regina
2693 2.19..15 Sean Reidy M Regina
2672 DNF Alan Barry M Regina
2691 DNF Melissa Petersen F Regina
2679 DNS Navarra Good F Saskatoon
2686 DNS Karen Lawson F Regina
Bib # Time First Name Last Name Sex City
1186 42.15 Eric Switalski M Bushell Park
1184 47.16 Lane Rathgeber M Regina
1189 47.23 Cody Wilkes M Regina
1177 55.36 Amberly Doucette F Moose Jaw
1174 57.2 Fiona Cribb F Regina
1182 57.49 Karen Meagher F Regina
1179 58.58 Nancy Huber F Fort Qu’Appelle
1181 59.37 Angela Mack F Moose Jaw
1173 1.03.03 Holly Cochrane F Fort Qu’Appelle
1180 1.05.44 Nicole Krause F Fort qu’appelle
1185 1.08.09 Janice Renaud F Moose Jaw
1172 1.09.23 Rob Bartlett M Regina
1183 1.09.26 Loanne Myrah F Regina
1178 1.12.42 Julie Harvey F Regina
1175 1.16.01 Paul Cutting M Regina
1187 1.39.08 Robb Taylor M Lumsden
1188 DNF Jeanette Taylor F Lumsden
1176 DNS Gareth Dillistone M Regina

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