The Business of Running – AGM’s and elections

March is quickly approaching. The RRRC constitution defines March as the month of the annual meeting. Annual meetings are the opportunity for members to have direct influence on the future of the club by electing an executive and providing direct feedback . Members will also get to learn about the current status of the club with reports from the President, Events Coordinator and Treasurer.

It is also an opportunity for a great supper!

This year, due to some mid-term assignments, there will be several elections. Up for election, we have:

  • Vice President (2 year term)
  • Treasurer (2 year term)
  • Secretary (1 year term)
  • Events Coordinator (2 year term)
  • Up to 3 members at large (1 year term)

The current executive would be pleased to talk with anyone interested in one of the positions. None of the positions are particularly onerous, and can be enjoyable.

Requirements of each position are generally outlined in the RRRC Constitution. But beyond that,

  • Vice President is a leadership role on the executive. Vice president is back up for the president, but is not expected to take on the role of president in the future. Sometimes the VP leads special projects.
  • Treasurer is pretty obvious, but also quite important. The treasurer tracks the club’s finances and gets to write the charitable donation cheques from the club.
  • Secretary is the primary point of communication with members. Secretary also keeps track of club meeting records.
  • Events Coordinator works with a race director for each RRRC race (except Flatlanders, which is self sufficient) to ensure that the race details are set up properly and the information about the event is communicated.
  • Members at Large are an opportunity for people who are interested to contribute to RRRC planning, without committing to managing a specific task. This role is ideal for experienced members to continue to contribue, or for new members to get a feel for what it is like on the executive.

Each role contributes to the RRRC, running community and community at large in a meaningful way.

In addition to planning the annual meeting and elections, the RRRC executive have updated the club membership to an online version – and here is your reminder to renew!

The membership is proposed to match the calendar year, which requires a change to the RRRC constitution. Please review the changes in the RRRC Constitution 2015 (2016 amendments included) (PDF) which outline the required changes.

The RRRC annual general meeting will be:

When: Wednesday March 23rd.
Where: Copper Kettle
What Time?:  Cocktails starting at 5:45
Supper at 6:15
Meeting to follow
Cost: free for members – 2016 memberships must be paid in order to vote.
RSVP: email the events coordinator by Friday March 18


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