Boot Race is Coming – May 14

Boot Race is coming soon – May 14!!

Boot Race is a 5 km friendly handicap race. In a handicap race, each runner starts the race based on his/her best 5 km time in the past year. If everyone matched his/her time exactly, everyone would cross the finish line together. BUT, if you can beat your best time, you come across the line just a little bit ahead of everyone else, thus being awarded the prestigious trophy!

When: Saturday, May 14, 2016. Register 9:30. Race at 10:00.
Where: Rick Hansen Playground, A.E. Wilson Park, Regina, SK.
Cost: FREE
Register: Online or on race day 30 minutes prior to race time and feel free to email Milo with any questions.
Boot Race course 2015


  • Each runner provides their best 5 K time in the past year.
  • (If you have not run a 5K in the last year, give your best estimate)
  • The runner with the highest time starts first with the following runners starting later by the difference between their time and the highest time.
    • For example, Runner #1 best time is 35 minutes, Runner #2 best time is 30 minutes, and Runner #3 best time is 25 minutes. Runner #1 starts at 10:00AM, Runner #2 starts at 10:05AM (35-30=5, thus starting 5 minutes later) and Runner #3 starts at 10:10AM (difference of 10 minutes, thus starting 10 minutes later).
  • If everyone finishes on their time, everyone should finish at the same time.

Maps will be provided electronically, closer to the event.

Snacks will be provided for all participants following the race.

In case of extreme weather, the race will be cancelled. If this is the case, check the blog or Facebook one hour prior to the race.


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