Grab your head ……. lamps!

RRRC is paying for munchies after the event so come out!!!
Look at the route provided below and ……….. my you will be in some scary areas ! One never knows about these misty nights .
“Then, as he wended his way, by swamp and stream and awful woodland, to the farmhouse where he happened to be quartered, every sound of nature, at that witching hour, fluttered his excited imagination. (1.16)”   So says the Legend of Ichabod Crane

— halloween3

This run is a 5 km race a full moon – but it isn’t exactly 5 km, the moon isn’t exactly full, and it isn’t at all a race. But it will be fun! The moon will be still be in sky just not visible. Let out a Halloween Howl – awooooooo…

Location: Meet at the Lumsden Hotel & Steak Pit, 30 2nd Ave Lumsden, SK
Time: Saturday October 29th. Short race briefing at 6:45 p.m., and the running will begin at 7:00 p.m.
Where do we run: The course map is shown below or just follow the person in front of you – it’s a pretty casual run! Over the past years, there have been 4 different courses, so stay tuned.
Requirements: Headlamp or flashlight and reflective clothing.
Registration: Not required. This is a casual, fun run. Just so we can give the hotel a heads up on numbers please email



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