RRRC 2017 AGM and other upcoming events


First and foremost, our Annual General Meeting is approaching. It will be March 15 at the Copper Kettle. 5:30 – Cocktails; 6:00 – supper; Meeting to follow. Please RVSP to  Events Coordinator by March 10th
Constitutional Changes
The executive has also identified a number of constitutional changes that they are putting forward to the membership. These changes have been circulated via email to RRRC members. The current constitution is available on the website.
Call for Nominations.
Positions open: President, Secretary (2 yr terms); Events Coordinator (2nd yr of a 2 yr term); Members at Large (3 – 1 year terms). Send nominations to Vicky Bonnell
RRRC memberships lapse on December 31. The 2017 memberships are available now on Race Roster. Please be sure to get your memberships renewed prior to the AGM to be eligible to attend and vote.
Club Trip
Lee Pitzel is following up on a successful club trip in 2016 and organizing the 2017 trip to the Eston River Trek. If you are interested, please contact Lee. Register for the race at the  Eston River Trek website
River Trek is on May 13.
River Trek is an exciting and challenging trek that consists of sections of pavement, gravel roads, hills and cross country trails. The off-road section is about 5 miles (8km) long.
Along the way, you will see vast open plains, old homesteads, landmarks used by the pioneers, the magical prairie sunrise, wagon trails, deep cut and sloping hills that surround you, breathtaking views of the South Saskatchewan River, an abundance of wildlife and natural vegetation, flocks of birds, Indian tipi rings, a bison jump and an awesome sunset to bring you home.
Eston River Trek is divided into seven different events, so runners and walkers of all ages can participate.
40 mile :
-Individual  or
-Team of up to 8
Marathon  42.2
1/2 Marathon
-Individual or
team -2 to 4 people
Golden Trek
4 k walk
Upcoming Events
Wascana Wander – tentatively April 29
Boot Race – May 6
Club Trip – May 12-14
Mountain of Hope – June 17
Regina Beach Trail Race – July
Flatlanders – September 30
Deadfall 50 – October 15
Harvest Moon – TBD
Bitter Breeze – TBD

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