RRRC Wascana Wander – April 22

Participants in the Weekly Trail Series the past two years will have had a sneak preview of the Wascana Wander. Now it has finally evolved into its own event!

The Wascana Wander is part trail race, part scavenger hunt. There is no set course (other than on the trails at Wascana Trails). It is meant to get you out on the trails, exploring and trying trails you haven’t tried before. Because there is no set course, there is no specific distance either.

The objective will be to explore the area and find several books that have been hidden throughout the area. Each participant will have a number and will have to bring back the corresponding page from each book (don’t worry bibliophiles – the books on course were destined for recycling anyway).

There will also be a kids version of the Wander. For kids, the course will be marked – with a short distance between 500 and 1000 m.

There is an option for runners to do up to 3 loops (with a new number each loop). To enter the second or third loop, the runner must be within the time cut-off and have collected all the pages. The final loop will be dark so runners will be required to carry a headlamp and cell phone, as well as wear reflective gear. The time limits are 90 minutes for loop 1, 75 minutes for loop 2 and 60 minutes for loop 3.

Where: Wascana Trails
When: April 22 (if the trails are determined to be too wet and potentially dangerous, we will delay one week)
Time: Kids event starts at 5:00 PM, everyone else at 5:30 PM. Be there early enough to get your race bib.

Registration is online at Race Roster

Cost: The event is free to register, but in order to get your bib – please bring non-perishable food for the Food Bank or used clothing for Salvation Army.

There will also be a collection for anyone wishing to donate to the local library.


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