2017 Boot Race Results

We had a beautiful day for the race, although wind strength did influence the outcome.  The course started from Rick Hansen park and circled A.E. Wilson Park with a full loop of the island.  This allowed the crowd to watch the race develop and cheer on their favourites.  The timers and finish judges were able to relax as the runners were quite spread out by the finish although no one was able to accurately predict the results.

All the runners did a great job and there was lots of chatting as runners and volunteers enjoyed a snack and a drink while waiting for the official results.  Mary Simrose is the proud owner of the Coveted Boot Race Trophy for the next year, after having missed the podium for the last 5 years.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped setup, tear down and manage the race.

Photos to follow

2017 RRRC Boot Race
Runner Name Predicted 5k Time Start Time Gun Time Running Time
Mary 34:00:00 3:00:00 30:53:00 27:53:00
Carolyn 30:07:00 6:53:00 34:52:00 27:59:00
Marilyn 34:30:00 2:30:00 35:42:00 33:12:00
Lane 23:07:00 13:53:00 37:04:00 23:11:00
Kyle 20:00:00 17:00:00 37:32:00 20:32:00
Doug 37:00:00 0:00:00 38:44:00 38:44:00

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