Presidents Communique – Vicky Bonnell

At the start of this year, the Regina Road Runners Executive had high hopes of returning to in-person events. However, we were able to provide just a few in-person opportunities during 2021 – the Boot Race, Regina Beach Trail Run, and the Harvest Moon Run. These were all outside events with fewer numbers, so it was felt that they could be managed, following the guidelines as recommended by the Local Health Medical Officers.

Unfortunately, due to an increase of the COVID variants in the fall, we had to once again pivot for the Flatlanders event. Even though it was an outside event, the Executive felt that it should be held as a virtual event once again, to mitigate risk for its many participants. Thank you to all who registered and those who continued their participation virtually. We heard great stories of your experiences.

Medal and shirt pickup was held at Track and Trail (thank you to Brian Sampson for allowing us to use his location) on October 16th.  By now, all who participated should have received their medal and shirt (if ordered) by pickup, delivery, or mail. If you did not, please let us know.

At our recent Executive meeting, there was much discussion about holding an in-person volunteer appreciation and RRRC member Christmas dinner in a local restaurant. Unfortunately, because we are still in the fourth wave of this pandemic, it was deemed that now is not the time. We will keep monitoring the situation and try for something in the new year, if and when this covid situation settles down.

We will keep you updated on 2022 events. We are all eager to get back to some RRRC in-person fun, friends and fitness events.

With the Christmas season approaching, on behalf of the RRRC Executive, I wish each of you a safe, enjoyable Christmas season and a happy, healthy 2022.


Boot Race 2021 – in person

Great news! We are proceeding with this years Boot Race. We are limiting registration to 20 people and we expect everyone to maintain social distancing at the event.

Boot Race is a 5 km handicap race. For those who have never run a handicap race, or need a reminder, each runner starts the race based on his/her best 5 km time in the past year. If everyone matched his/her time exactly, everyone would cross the finish line together. BUT, if you can beat your best time, you come across the line just a little bit ahead of everyone else – unless they beat their time, too.

Come on out and have some fun.

Entry fee – $15.00
RRRC Members – Free

2021 — RRRC Boot Race 2021

2017 Boot Race

When – May 14, 2017
Where – A.E. Wilson Park
Details available at the registration link.

Boot Race is a 5 km handicap race. For those who have never run a handicap race, or need a reminder, each runner starts the race based on his/her best 5 km time in the past year. If everyone matched his/her time exactly, everyone would cross the finish line together. BUT, if you can beat your best time, you come across the line just a little bit ahead of everyone else.

Come on out and have some fun.
Maps will be provided electronically, closer to the event.
Watch for others using the pathways.

23rd Flatlanders Road Race

The Regina Road Runners Club Flatlanders Road Race is an annual event featuring half-marathon, 10km, and 5km distances.  The event starts and finishes on the trace at the Canada Games Athletic Park.  Race day is Saturday, September 30, 2017 at the Canada Games Athletic Complex (Douglas Park Track) Assiniboine Avenue starting at 9:30 am.

Package pick-up is at the Canada Games Athletic Complex (Douglas Park Track) on Friday, September 29th from 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm or on race day, 7:30 – 9:00am.

Race start times are staggered to reduce congestion at the start, to bring finishing times closer together, and for safety reasons so that faster 5 km and 10 km runners don’t have to run back against all of the other runners.

The race is run almost completely on the pathway within Wascana Park, with a few short pieces run on roadways within the park.  The course is well marked with arrows and Km signs, as well as course marshals stationed at important intersections.  Water is provided on the course at 5 stations.



Total race entries for all distances combined will be capped at 500 runners for 2017.

The Flatlanders Road Race is an inclusive event for runners of all abilities.  Walkers are welcome in the 5 km and 10 km events.  The Regina Road Runners Club strives to keep registration fee reasonable by making the commemorative t-shirt an option when registering.

Prediction Mile 2017 Results

Saturday 4 February 2017, 12 Regina Road Runners and friends met at the City of Regina Fieldhouse for the Regina Road Runners Club 2017 Prediction Mile.

The runners ranged from 11 years to older-and-wiser. We had walkers and runners participate. Neither group was expert at counting laps. Everyone had lots of fun cheering on their teammates.

Winning this year was Tom Maher. Congratulations, Tom! Also congratulations to Mitchell Japp and Jeannette Taylor in 2nd and 3rd. Honourable mention to Jaime Lavallee for 4th. Doug Hynne and Petra Dueck tied for the third fastest pace overall.

Also of note, there were 3 participants 16 and under. Austin Taylor had the fastest pace overall and was notably only 20 seconds from prediction (7th overall). Alexander Taylor had the second fastest pace overall and came in 11th. Mustafa Aldulaymi was beat his prediction by 4:29 which was incredible as he had based his prediction on last year’s performance — a spectacular improvement!

There was fruit, pizza, and pop for everyone afterwards.

Name Prediction Actual Pace Difference from Predicted Rank
Tom Maher 8:30 8:35 5:20 00:05 1
Mitchell Japp 8:48 8:41 5:24 00:07 2
Jeanette Taylor 10:17 10:24 6:28 00:07 3
Jaime Lavallee 10:00 9:50 6:07 00:10 4
Doug Hynne 8:00 8:17 5:09 00:17 5
Petra Dueck 8:00 8:17 5:09 00:17 6
Austin Taylor 7:30 7:10 4:27 00:20 7
Linda Taylor 11:42 10:57 6:48 00:45 8
Robb Taylor 14:24 15:26 9:35 01:02 9
Chris Taylor 14:20 15:46 9:48 01:26 10
Alexander Taylor 11:00 8:06 5:02 02:54 11
Mustafa Aldulaymi 14:00 9:31 5:55 04:29 12


Prediction Mile is fast approaching – February 4th! At the Sportplex Fieldhouse.

The Prediction Mile will run at 20:00 (8:00 PM).  Be there by 19:45 to make sure you are ready to go at 20:00.

What is a Prediction Mile? You just have to predict how long it will take you to run one mile on the track and whoever is closest to their prediction, wins! No timing devices allowed though!

Sounds easy, right? If you aren’t within 5 seconds of your prediction, get practicing! Of course, winning isn’t everything and just winging it works too!

Distance:          1 mile (1.6 km / 1760 yards / 5280 feet / etc.)
Start location:   Fieldhouse track, 1717 Elphinstone Street, Meet by the track.
Start time:        8:00 PM, Saturday February 4, 2017.
Cost:                Members and Non-Members: Free. All ages are welcome.

RSVPs are encouraged so that we get enough post-race snacks. To RSVP, email the Events Coordinator by Friday February 3, 2017.

Pizza and pop after the race courtesy of RRRC.

What do I need? Whatever you need to run or walk seven complete laps of the outside lane at the Fieldhouse, plus one timing device.

Why a timing device? Everyone will take a turn running and a turn timing someone else, so everyone can participate, walkers or runners.