2017 Deadfall 50 Results

Another Deadfall 50 finished for another year. Thanks to all the racers for coming out to support the run and, more importantly, support the All Nations Healing Hospital.

Congratulations to Conor Renouf for repeating as the Deadfall 50 Champion, with a course record time of 4:51:08. Other winners include:
50K Relay – Savage Fartleks (Misty Wensel, Elias Williams, Jeff Dudar, Cameron Wensel) in a time of 4:43:22
25K Men’s Champion – Gerry Nagy (2:11:37)
25K Women’s Champion – Amy Carlson (2:42:10)
12.5K Men’s Champion – James Munroe (1:05:40)
12.5K Women’s Champion – Kyra Ives (1:11:07)

Also thanks to our major sponsors, Campbell Safety Consulting and Track and Trail, for their support.

Finally, no race is possible without a host of volunteers and this fine group of people really helped to make it all come together. A big shout out to:
Wade Hagen, Pat Lee, Wanda Bouchard-Barry, Alan Barry, Wendy Lazarou, Terry Lazarou, Linda & Danny Mosely, Tom McDougall, Larry Bedel, Graham Taylor, Lee Ubell, Iona Glabus, Jeff Campbell, Laurie Campbell, Trish, Craig Johnson, and Marie.

An especially big shoutout to Rick Minett for his ongoing work to make this race a great success.

DEADFALL Results 2017 (50K Solo)

DEADFALL Results 2017 (50K Relay)

DEADFALL Results 2017 (25K Trail Challenge)

DEADFALL Results 2017 (12.5K Trail Blazer)

DEADFALL Results 2017 (5K Fun Run Walk)


2017 Summer Trail Race Series

The 2017 trail race series will start August 17 at Wascana Trails.

Similar to previous years, meet ready to run at 6:15 PM.

When: Thursday nights (weekly), 18:15 race time. Course overview and instructions at 18:10. Series will begin August 17 and end September 21 (6 weeks).
Course: A moderate length course will be set at each location. Courses will be marked in 2017. Maps may be made available electronically when possible. Locations subject to change. Notification of changes will be by email. Email Mitchell to be sure you receive notice of any changes.
Timing: Self timed. In order to be eligible for the evening, be signed in by 18:15. Timing is on the honour system. Any deviation from the course should be addressed by the runner as a self-assessed penalty.
Aid Stations: None
Course Marshall: Member in charge for the evening. This person will be participating as well.
Who: RRRC members. Guests are welcome to come for an evening race, but the series is planned for members. Buy your membership online.
Cost: Free for RRRC members
Registration: None required. Just arrive in time to get your name recorded
Results: Will be posted online weekly here

2017 Regina Beach Trail Race Results

** There were a couple of errors in the 5 km results.  Those have been corrected as of July 21.

Thank you to the 65 runners who came out to participate in the Regina Beach Trail Race.

A special thanks to the organizers and volunteers – course marshals, timers and kitchen workers, who kept most of us on track and headed in the right direction.  We had a beautiful day with sunshine and a cooling breeze.  As usual the course was challenging but enjoyable. The pancakes and sausage following the race were great.

Here are the results for the 2017 Regina Beach Trail Race

Kids Race

Newton Ryder M Child Run 3.49
Gyurek Finnley F Child Run 4.53
Newton Ryker M Child Run 5.23
Maki Aedan M Child Run 5.25
Stumph Nathan M Child Run 5.41
Barry Sara Marie F Child Run 5.48
Gallant Ryder M Child Run 7.40

5 km Race

Lawson Karen F 5 km 21.02
Newton Ethan M 5 km 24.39
Stump Mike M 5 km 25.11
Bonnell Vicky F 5 km 30.26
Albrecht Nadine F 5 km 31.40
Bendig Melissa F 5 km 32.52
Haggard Melissa F 5 km 32.52
Morrelljohnson Shirl F 5 km 33.15
Leask Heather F 5 km 33.37
Schlenker Amanda F 5 km 34.57
Patterson Tomas M 5 km 36.35
Bonnell Art M 5 km 39.25
Patterson Emmett M 5 km DNF

10 km Race

Grundle Shaun M 10 km 43.56
Criddle Kaytlyn F 10 km 43.59
Humphries Robert M 10 km 01:05:18
Carlson Amy F 10 km 01:06:19
Carlson Terri F 10 km 01:07:14
Johnson Gary M 10 km 01:07:54
Zerr Shelley F 10 km 01:09:20
Hodge Curtis M 10 km 01:09:35
Kim-Crossman So Young F 10 km 01:09:52
Fieger Erin F 10 km 01:09:59
Walton Stephanie F 10 km 01:10:42
McDonald Lisa F 10 km 01:10:45
Dreher Kathy F 10 km 01:11:40
Roldan Carlos M 10 km 01:14:39
Patterson Aaron M 10 km 01:16:06
Rathgeber Lane M 10 km 01:16:06
McLeod Cathie F 10 km 01:19:43
Spitzer Joey M 10 km 01:21:47
McCormick Megan F 10 km 01:22:35
McBride Bonnie F 10 km 01:24:40
Quickfall Raye F 10 km 01:24:41
Spitzer Sarah F 10 km 01:24:46
Wilde Kathy F 10 km 01:33:29
Park Miso F 10 km 01:34:14
Hooker Chelta F 10 km 01:39:29
Lillejord Autumn F 10 km 01:39:34
Novotna Gabriela F 10 km DNF

15 km Race

McLeod Rob M 15 km 01:09:14
Newton Mark M 15 km 01:11:11
Taylor Jennifer F 15 km 01:28:52
Hubick Jason M 15 km 01:33:50
Luo Zhe M 15 km 01:34:36
Dreher Dennis M 15 km 01:35:35
Hynne Doug M 15 km 01:36:32
Wessel David M 15 km 01:36:50
Wilkes Cody M 15 km 01:40:59
Kitsch Lesley F 15 km 01:42:07
Quinney Shaun M 15 km 01:44:07
Rempel Megan F 15 km 01:48:03
Riley Corina F 15 km 01:47:57
Williamson Angela F 15 km 01:58:04
Klein Mallory F 15 km 02:09:32
Nault Jill F 15 km 02:09:32
Kelly Stevie F 15 km DNF
Kelly Shawn M 15 km DNF

Regina Beach Trail Race 2017

The Regina Beach Trail Race will be on July 15.

The Children’s race will start at 9 AM and the other races (5, 10 and 15 km) will start shortly after them.

The course will be the same as last year. A brunch will follow the race.

You can register at https://raceroster.com/events/2017/12741/regina-beach-trail-race-2017

Please pass this on to all your running/walking friends.

2017 Boot Race Results

We had a beautiful day for the race, although wind strength did influence the outcome.  The course started from Rick Hansen park and circled A.E. Wilson Park with a full loop of the island.  This allowed the crowd to watch the race develop and cheer on their favourites.  The timers and finish judges were able to relax as the runners were quite spread out by the finish although no one was able to accurately predict the results.

All the runners did a great job and there was lots of chatting as runners and volunteers enjoyed a snack and a drink while waiting for the official results.  Mary Simrose is the proud owner of the Coveted Boot Race Trophy for the next year, after having missed the podium for the last 5 years.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped setup, tear down and manage the race.

Photos to follow

2017 RRRC Boot Race
Runner Name Predicted 5k Time Start Time Gun Time Running Time
Mary 34:00:00 3:00:00 30:53:00 27:53:00
Carolyn 30:07:00 6:53:00 34:52:00 27:59:00
Marilyn 34:30:00 2:30:00 35:42:00 33:12:00
Lane 23:07:00 13:53:00 37:04:00 23:11:00
Kyle 20:00:00 17:00:00 37:32:00 20:32:00
Doug 37:00:00 0:00:00 38:44:00 38:44:00