Mountain of Hope Results

The runners I was able to chat with at Mountain of Hope enjoyed themselves. A few suggested there was water more than knee deep – ┬ábut it didn’t sound like a complaint.

Early arriving runners warmed up with a dash to their cars while a short downpour drenched anyone left outside. A nice breeze left the mosquitoes to lurk from a distance. And for me, I never found any ticks – bonus!

A big thank you to volunteers for the event – Linda, Doug, Patti, Danielle, Gareth, Lee, Wanda, Roweena, Tom and Rick, as well as to the Running Room staff. These people made the event possible. Forgive me if I missed anyone.

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Marsh Dash Results

Marsh Dash 2013 was a success! Thanks to all those folks who came out and participated. Extra thanks to Robb, Jeannette, Doug, Tom, Leah and all others who helped out with the event.

There were some great costumes out this year! 11 clues were given to the participants. Some reported the clues being more challenging this year, but points were awarded to at least one team for each clue – although there were three clues where no team received full points. All the more challenging for the teams! Continue reading

Boot Race Results

Boot Race just beat the flood. After checking out the bridges and deciding that we could go with the “bridges open” course that we had set, we put the signs up, only to see a City truck coming from the bridge! They were ready to close the bridges due to hazards from ice starting to hit the bridges! Fortunately, they were quite willing to wait a couple of hours for us! And Sunday morning, the path turning off McCarthy was under water.


To get things started, we had a military flyby (photo). Although we started out with a bit of cloud, the weather was fantastic overall and quite warm at the end.

First of all, thanks to our volunteers! Your help was much appreciated! We had volunteers to set the course, assist with registrations, bring snacks, take photos and time us – thank you!


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