2021 Regina Beach Trail Race Results

The day was hot with smoke in the air but 42 runners came out and ran the race. We had difficulties at 1 turnaround point that affected all of the 15km runners and some of the 10km runners. The actual distance run is noted where we have that information. We appreciate the positive attitude of those who had fun with the longer run.

There were 14 volunteers involved in putting on the race.

The results are not all tallied but there was a significant amount of donations and profit from the race that will go to Theo’s Challenge – the total will be posted when it is finalized. Many thanks to all of you who participated in whatever way. All in all a fun and successful day.

Kids Race

Last NameFirst Name Time
Gyurek Finnley3:37

5 Km

Last NameFirst Name Time
Martel Michael27:22:00

10 Km

Last NameFirst Name Time
Hooper Graham1:14:23
Selinger Deanne1:28:48
Gurzo Krisztina1:30:48
MiriszialElod Norbert1:30:50

15 Km

Last NameFirst Name TimeActual Distance
McLeodRob1:32:0419 K
RathgegerLane1:33:4319 K
BurnsMelissa2:01:3220 K
BurnsJason2:14:1025 K

26th Annual Flatlanders Road Race


The 2020 Flatlanders Road Race will be a virtual event that can be completed over a 1 week period of time. This allows us interesting options like allowing people to sign up for more than one distance if they choose and to remove any restrictions on people wishing to walk any of the distances.

Our charity this year is Theo’s Challenge.

Please click on the link above to learn the details of the race and about this year’s charity.

Regina Beach Trail Race

The Regina Beach trail race is a fun summer event with 5, 10 and 15 km options for runners to explore the Regina Beach area along paved trails, along roads and more rugged trails for longer distances. There will also be a 700 meter Children’s Race. The Children’s race will start at 9 AM and the other races will start after all the children have finished

The 2020 race is currently scheduled for July 11, 2020. If it is not possible to proceed on that date, August 8 has been set aside as an alternate date. Should our current situation with the virus not change enough to hold a physical race, we will look at holding a virtual race.

A decision will be made on how to proceed by June 10, 2020.

This year the proceeds from the race will be donated to Theo’s Challenge.

2019 Regina Beach Trail Race Results

69 runners were in attendance for another great Regina Beach Trail Race.

Thank you very much to Doug and Marilyn and the other people who gave of their time and considerable talents to make it a stellar experience.

Here are the results for the 2019 Regina Beach Trail Race:

Kid’s Race

Last Name First Name Sub-event Time
Hicks Korbyn Child Run 3.33
Stumph Nathan Child Run 3.34
Schneider Leighton Child Run 3.35
Gyurek Finnley Child Run 3.44
Newton Ryker Child Run 3.47
Schneider Adam Child Run 3.47
Gallant Ryder Child Run 4.49
Watson James Child Run 5.15
Newton Ryder Child Run 5.16
Hicks Kynlee Child Run 5.37
Totosy-Martin Liam Child Run 5.47

5 km Race

Last Name First Name Sub-event Time
Tse Edwards 5 km 32.10
Watson Jeff 5 km 33.43
Watson Jacey 5 km 35.08
Bourque Josh 5 km 35.48
Bourque Gabby 5 km 35.56
Watson Lindsay 5 km 37.47
Watson Joe 5 km 37.47
Lillejord Autumn 5 km 39.25
Bourque Nadine 5 km 39.25
Lausch Aleeta 5 km 39.26
Newton Nathan 5 km 39.33
Biden Valerie 5 km 44.10
Archer Chelsey 5 km 50.24
Schmekel Jaxx 5 km DNF

10 km Race

Last Name First Name Sub-event Time
Bain Sandy 10 km 40.55
Sperling Jordan 10 km 41.24
Martin Tom 10 km 48.30
Mroske Lysle 10 km 49.26
Biden Valerie 10 km 51.00
Zeigler Brittany 10 km 53.14
Harlos Erin 10 km 58.24
Bourque Aaron 10 km 61.52
Wishiewski Krysta 10 km 62.26
Huys Debora 10 km 64.34
Cruise Tatum 10 km 64.48
Auty Susan 10 km 64.48
Smith Julie 10 km 69.45
LaBar-Ahmed Laurel 10 km 71.04
McCormick Megan 10 km 72.15
Conrad Marcie 10 km 73.00

15 km Race

Last Name First Name Sub-event Time
Reilly Caelan 15 km 1:03:27
Hicks Adam 15 km 1:04:48
Soucy Yanick 15 km 1:08:33
Totosy de Zepetnek Julia 15 km 1:09:00
Humphries Shaun 15 km 1:10:23
Schneider Kimberley 15 km 1:11:25
Schneider Trevor 15 km 1:12:11
Humphries Robert 15 km 1:12:49
Floricel Remus 15 km 1:14:56
Newton Mark 15 km 1:16:12
Carlson Jim 15 km 1:17:02
Rathgeber Lane 15 km 1:18:12
Carlson Amy 15 km 1:18:16
Hubick Jason 15 km 1:21:11
Szeles Allison 15 km 1:21:18
Carlson Terri 15 km 1:21:35
Kriel Kristel 15 km 1:22:09
Luo Zhe 15 km 1:22:48
Millar Ceilidh 15 km 1:25:12
Wilkes Cody 15 km 1:26:38
Farenick Doug 15 km 1:27:50
Harvey Dale 15 km 1:38:12
Barlow Christine 15 km 1:39:40
Barlow Aaron 15 km 1:39:40
Garbe Mackenzie 15 km 1:52:04
Allan Bevera 15 km DNF
Huys Deborah 15 km DNF
Myrah Loanne 15 km DNF

2022 Annual Flatlanders Road Race


Welcome to the 2022 Flatlanders Road Race, hosted by the Regina Road Runners Club. A 5 KM, 10 KM, 21.1 KM Half Marathon, and a 1 mile Kids event will comprise the in-person 2022 events. You can register as a Runner or Walker in each event.

When: October 1, 2022 in Regina.

Registration Costs: The early bird fee (up to midnight Sept. 21) for each event is $30 registration fee except the Kid events which is $15. The late registration (Sept. 21 – 27) fee for each event is $40, Kids event is $20.

Course and Start Times- October 1st

  • Half marathon Walk starts at 8:00 AM
  • Children’s race starts at 9:00 AM
  • Half marathon Run starts at 9:20 AM
  • 10K (walk and run) starts at 9:40 AM
  • 5K (walk and Run) starts at 9:50 AM

All races begin and end at the Canada Games Athletic Complex(Douglas Park Track).

Race Course:

The 5k and 10k are straightforward “out and back” races to turnarounds.The 10k route takes the underpass under Broad Street and continues on the bike path to a point near the legislature..

The Kids 1 mile race is not shown, but basically starts on the track shown in the upper right inset, goes out the east gate from the track area, and loops around the cricket pitch visible to the right of the track area.

The Half- Marathon follows the same route as the 5 and 10k, and continues on the path along the lakeshore to the flower garden area north of the Legislature. Then there is a short “out and back” south on Lakeshore Drive and Memorial Drive to a turnaround roughly in front of the Walter Scott building. The course then continues on the bike path clockwise around the west end of Wascana Lake back to Broad Street. Then south on the sidewalk and bike path to the underpass, then back under Broad Street.

OK – here it gets a bit tricky (we call it Confusion Corner) but there will be course marshals there to direct. On the first loop, you will head north on the sidewalk on the east side of Broad St. to Wascana Drive, then east on the bike path to a point just past the Science Centre where a course marshal will turn you around. You retrace the route back to the Broad St. underpass, go under Broad Street again, and follow the same clockwise route around the lake, including the out and back on Memorial Drive. When you get back to the Broad Street underpass, you go under Broad Street and continue back to the Start/Finish area on the bike path. (The same route you started on). You only do the loop to the Science Centre once.

Race Package Pick-up: At the Canada Games Athletic Complex (Douglas Park Track) on Friday, September 30th from 12:00 Noon – 6:00 pm or on race day, 7:15 – 8:45 am.

Results: The results within your event will be available on line within Race Roster within a week after the race.

Charity: Theo’s Challenge will receive support from the Flatlanders 2022 Event. Theo is a 5 year old boy who suffers from Batten Disease, a rare genetic disease that has impacted many of his physical abilities. Assistance is required to help fund Theo’s treatments that are not covered by health care.