Artistic Talents Requested

Originally, Mountain of Hope was set up by RRRC member Lee Ubell, raising money for the Burn Unit at the Regina General Hospital, to honour a close family member. Lee created an event that is different from most other running events in Regina. The race is held at White Butte, on relatively rugged terrain, runs in the evening, hosts a simple but hearty post-race meal of chilli, and each participant receives a piece of artwork as a completion prize.

In 2012, the Regina Road Runners took over the coordination of Mountain of Hope. The RRRC intends to carry on the spirit of what Lee started, including the artwork. However, in order to have artwork, we need an artist! If anyone is willing to make a piece of art that can be shared with 60 or so runners, please contact me at events -at-

2012 MoH art (made by my Mother-in-Law


Annual General Meeting Wednesday March 20th!

Hi folks,

A quick reminder that the AGM is coming up on Wednesday. Notice has gone out to members twice and is posted on the website now. If you want to be included for supper, please RSVP by Monday noon.

When: Wednesday March 20th 2013. Cocktails at 17:45, supper at 18:30. Annual General Meeting to follow.
Where: Memories Restaurant (1717 Victoria Ave)
Cost: Free for members, $15 for non-members. Drinks extra.
Please note that memberships expire at the end of March! This meeting will be a good time to renew.
RSVP online by Monday March 18th at 12:00 noon, at:
E-mail Patti Walker, Social Coordinator at with any questions.

Sask-quatch Hustle Results

The results are in! Two laps of the Sask-quatch Hustle race course was enough for this tired snowshoer!

There was a lot more wind than we expected on Thursday, but we kept warm on the course and off the course. Although my legs are sore now, it was well worth the day spent outside  on snowshoes and in good company.

A big shout out to Patti W. who lead the development of this new event for the Regina Road Runners Club and was there for set up, race timing and take down (basically all day). And, another thank you to Lee U. and Susan B. who helped with setting up the course and tents today.

We lost a few folks to the wind and poor road conditions today, but seven brave souls dressed for the weather and had a blast! The South Saskatchewan Mountain Bike Club had 29 riders out for their IceCycle, double the attendance over the past two years. Hopefully in a couple of years, the RRRC will have that many out snowshoeing!

The SSMBC led the social aspects of the event, hosting a beer tent with beer from Slow Food Pub (very nice), cookies and hot chocolate from Magpies (tasty), and smokies freshly off the BBQ.

We even made the evening news! Check out the video at this link for CTV, particularly about 5:24 into the video.

Congratulations go to Gareth Dillistone (Vice President of RRRC) overall winner of the event (and trail blazer through fresh snow for those of us following him). Gareth takes the Men’s event, and Jennifer Buehler won the women’s. There was a tie for the kids event, with Hannah Miller and Ellie Currie crossing the finish line together.

The Men and Women snowshoed the course once, then took a brief break to watch a few laps of the IceCycle, and allow duathlete Susan Bladyko to compete in IceCycle. The Men and Women took to the course again, with the best combined time winning the event. All participants bested their time from the first lap. The kids event was one lap of the course.

Participant                    Lap 1 Time           Lap 2 Time              Combined Time

Gareth Dillistone                  20:10                         18:12                                       38:22
Mitchell Japp                         20:11                         18:55                                       39:06

Jennifer Buehler                   20:42                         19:42                                       40:24
Susan Bladyko                       21:38                         21:09                                      42:47
Lee Ubell                                 24:29                         23:11                                       47:40

Hannah Miller                      14:29                          —                                              14:29
Ellie Currie                            14:29  
                        —                                            14:29

Details for Sask-quatch Hustle

Calling all snowshoers!

The first ever Sask-quatch Hustle is this Saturday, February 2, whether the groundhog sees a shadow or not. I’m excited to see this event in action! And, despite the frigid temperatures outside right now (currently -26, windchill -39 C), the weatherman says we can expect about -5 C for the event on Saturday!!

Our race will be in conjunction with the South Saskatchewan Mountain Bike Club‘s 3rd annual IceCycle.

After testing our course a little more, we have decided that there will be just two heats of snowshoeing, for a total of around 4 km. The course is just a little bit shy of 2 km for adults, and a bit longer than 1 km for kids.

full course zoom
Full course
       kid's course
Kid’s short course

Registration will open at 11:30 and the first race will start shortly after 12:00. We will get going, then the cyclists will start their first heat. We will be able to watch the cyclists for part of the second heat and then head out again. Be sure to pack warm clothes for in between heats and after the race is over.

After the race, we will gather in the SSMBC tents for a sausage on a bun and juice. There will also be a beer garden, with 4 beer styles from Slow Food Pub available. Beer will be $5. There will also be hot chocolate and cookies. (there will be propane heaters in the tents)

If you have not already registered, registration cost is $15 for non-members, $5 for members.

Extras: I am told there will be a kiteboarding demo and the Wascana mascot will be there as well.

Where to go: We will be right across from the Conexus Arts Centre on the south side of the Wascana Waterfowl Park (see map).

Check out my blog post on tips for snowshoe racing. Follow the blog to stay up-to-date on RRRC events.

Memberships are valid until the end of March, but I can collect forms and fees if you are looking to renew. Any new memberships will be valid until March 2014.

Prediction Mile Results

Congratulations to everyone participating in the Prediction Mile last night! The race went well, and the pizza arrived just as the race wrapped up, so it was nice and warm for all participants!

For the second year in a row, the closest running time to predicted time was a mere 1 second off. But, this metronome pacing was not limited to just one individual. Both Robb Taylor and Mitchell Japp were 1 second from their predicted times. 

Last year’s winner, Doug Leask, deserves an honourable mention for being only 3 seconds off his predicted time.

Here are the results:

First Name Last Name Predicted Time Recorded Time Difference
Robb Taylor 13:38 13:37 :01
Mitchell Japp 8:15 8:16 :01
Doug Leask 10:00 9:57 :03
Alvin Yau 7:00 6:51 :09
Jeanette Taylor 9:30 9:47 :17
Darryl Mailander 7:49 7:31 :18
Gareth Dillistone 8:15 7:55 :20
Rick Minett 6:50 6:29 :21
Pat Lee 10:56 10:28 :28
Leah Japp 15:21 14:51 :30
Linda Fox 9:20 8:45 :35
Gerald Fox 8:30 7:55 :35
Bernie Wlock 8:45 8:02 :43
Mary Simrose 9:30 8:43 :47
Milo Grimsrud 9:30 8:43 :47
Kyla Wortley 9:37 8:47 :50
Matt Fetzner 10:00 7:11 2:49

Next race is the Sask-quatch Hustle, this Saturday, Feb 2, 2013.