2017 Deadfall 50 Results

Another Deadfall 50 finished for another year. Thanks to all the racers for coming out to support the run and, more importantly, support the All Nations Healing Hospital.

Congratulations to Conor Renouf for repeating as the Deadfall 50 Champion, with a course record time of 4:51:08. Other winners include:
50K Relay – Savage Fartleks (Misty Wensel, Elias Williams, Jeff Dudar, Cameron Wensel) in a time of 4:43:22
25K Men’s Champion – Gerry Nagy (2:11:37)
25K Women’s Champion – Amy Carlson (2:42:10)
12.5K Men’s Champion – James Munroe (1:05:40)
12.5K Women’s Champion – Kyra Ives (1:11:07)

Also thanks to our major sponsors, Campbell Safety Consulting and Track and Trail, for their support.

Finally, no race is possible without a host of volunteers and this fine group of people really helped to make it all come together. A big shout out to:
Wade Hagen, Pat Lee, Wanda Bouchard-Barry, Alan Barry, Wendy Lazarou, Terry Lazarou, Linda & Danny Mosely, Tom McDougall, Larry Bedel, Graham Taylor, Lee Ubell, Iona Glabus, Jeff Campbell, Laurie Campbell, Trish, Craig Johnson, and Marie.

An especially big shoutout to Rick Minett for his ongoing work to make this race a great success.

DEADFALL Results 2017 (50K Solo)

DEADFALL Results 2017 (50K Relay)

DEADFALL Results 2017 (25K Trail Challenge)

DEADFALL Results 2017 (12.5K Trail Blazer)

DEADFALL Results 2017 (5K Fun Run Walk)


Prediction Mile 2017 Results

Saturday 4 February 2017, 12 Regina Road Runners and friends met at the City of Regina Fieldhouse for the Regina Road Runners Club 2017 Prediction Mile.

The runners ranged from 11 years to older-and-wiser. We had walkers and runners participate. Neither group was expert at counting laps. Everyone had lots of fun cheering on their teammates.

Winning this year was Tom Maher. Congratulations, Tom! Also congratulations to Mitchell Japp and Jeannette Taylor in 2nd and 3rd. Honourable mention to Jaime Lavallee for 4th. Doug Hynne and Petra Dueck tied for the third fastest pace overall.

Also of note, there were 3 participants 16 and under. Austin Taylor had the fastest pace overall and was notably only 20 seconds from prediction (7th overall). Alexander Taylor had the second fastest pace overall and came in 11th. Mustafa Aldulaymi was beat his prediction by 4:29 which was incredible as he had based his prediction on last year’s performance — a spectacular improvement!

There was fruit, pizza, and pop for everyone afterwards.

Name Prediction Actual Pace Difference from Predicted Rank
Tom Maher 8:30 8:35 5:20 00:05 1
Mitchell Japp 8:48 8:41 5:24 00:07 2
Jeanette Taylor 10:17 10:24 6:28 00:07 3
Jaime Lavallee 10:00 9:50 6:07 00:10 4
Doug Hynne 8:00 8:17 5:09 00:17 5
Petra Dueck 8:00 8:17 5:09 00:17 6
Austin Taylor 7:30 7:10 4:27 00:20 7
Linda Taylor 11:42 10:57 6:48 00:45 8
Robb Taylor 14:24 15:26 9:35 01:02 9
Chris Taylor 14:20 15:46 9:48 01:26 10
Alexander Taylor 11:00 8:06 5:02 02:54 11
Mustafa Aldulaymi 14:00 9:31 5:55 04:29 12