Summer Trail Race Series

May is fast approaching, so the summer running season is about to begin! Finally, the last remnants of snow are rapidly melting. Boot Race is right around the corner, and the Thursday after Boot Race will be the inaugural evening of the Summer Trail Race Series!

At the RRRC Christmas Party, I presented an idea to the membership. The idea started with a visit to the Offroad Syndicate webpage, who have been conducting a summer trail race series for mountain bikers for over 10 years. My interest was sparked – why couldn’t we do something similar for the RRRC? Further web based research revealed the Frank McNamara race series in Edmonton and a Road Warrior ranking system used in Ontario. The popularity of the Frank McNamara series was encouraging. About 300 runners participate in the chip timed event, where a different course is offered each week, for a cost of $30.

The RRRC has not had strong showing for group runs, but it is an important part of a club to get together regularly. So, I proposed a race series over the 4 months with the longest days where we can get together and run. But, we will still be aiming for our own best performance. Each month we will visit a new trail and test it out once/week for that month. The group attending the Christmas Party received the idea well, so we are planning a trial run of the series in 2013. As with any new endeavour, feedback will make it better!

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