Tips for Snowshoe Racing

With the first ever Sask-quatch Hustle quickly approaching, a few hints on what to expect are in order.

A little research revealed that the Yeti race series has some good information on preparation for the race and what to bring.

What To Bring For The Event

  • Snowshoes
  • Running shoes or light hikers
  • Long tights or waterproof/breathable pants
  • Gators, some people like them
  • Warm outerwear for between heats or prior to the race starting.

Make sure that you layer, you will be cold at the start line and then heat up the same way as you do on the road or in the trails. You will probably take off a layer after you start.

  • Base layer, mid layer and light running jacket
  • Gloves
  • Sun glasses, just in case
  • Sun screen, just in case
  • Hydration, water bottle or back pack

After The Event

  • Change of clothes. You won’t want to sit through the awards and prizing in your cold and wet clothing from the race.
  • Warm outerwear. To ensure that you stay warm when standing still.
  • Money. There will be food and a beer tent (hosted by South Sask Mountain Bike Club)