Summer Trail Race Series – rained out on Thursday

A torrential downpour hit Regina about 17:30, Thursday (June 20). Many of the intersections were flooded, rerouting and slowing down rush hour traffic. Compounded with additional traffic from the Farm Progress Show and the Riders first home game of the season (pre-season), it was slow going anywhere in Regina on Thursday night.

A combination of the above, led to me being the only one at the Summer Trail Race Series. And, I was a few minutes late for our new 18:15 start time. If you were there and left, I apologize. For those who were planning to run, go ahead and run the course and give me your time before next weekend. I’ll post the results from the two weeks next weekend or so.

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Mountain of Hope Results

The runners I was able to chat with at Mountain of Hope enjoyed themselves. A few suggested there was water more than knee deep –  but it didn’t sound like a complaint.

Early arriving runners warmed up with a dash to their cars while a short downpour drenched anyone left outside. A nice breeze left the mosquitoes to lurk from a distance. And for me, I never found any ticks – bonus!

A big thank you to volunteers for the event – Linda, Doug, Patti, Danielle, Gareth, Lee, Wanda, Roweena, Tom and Rick, as well as to the Running Room staff. These people made the event possible. Forgive me if I missed anyone.

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Summer Trail Race Series – Results and change of start time

The 6th week of the Summer Trail Race Series is complete. Based on feedback from those attending, the start time for the rest of June and July will be 18:15 to accommodate the extra distance to get to White Butte and Wascana Trails (July).

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Getting Prepared for Mountain of Hope

Mountain of Hope (MoH) is a little different than your typical Regina road race. First of all, it is not a road race – it is a trail race. As far as trail races go, MoH is fairly tame. There is a fair bit of space to run, the footing is generally pretty good, slopes aren’t too steep, but you will get your feet wet. There are hills, but they are Regina hills, so they aren’t too big.

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