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Prediction Mile:

Whether you got any resolutions in or not, now is a great time to warm up your racing season – indoors! And, at whatever pace suits you best. The Prediction Mile is the first RRRC event of the calendar year.

Predict your time to run one mile on the track and whoever is closest to their prediction, wins! No timing devices allowed though!

Previous winners have been within 1 second of their prediction. There was even a tie one year, with two people 3 seconds off their predictions.

Current news on Prediction Mile

Boot Race:

A 5 km Handicap/Pursuit Race traditionally held at Rick Hansen Playground in A.E. Wilson Park


  • Each runner provides their best 5 km time in the past year.
  • The runner with the highest time starts first with the following runners starting later by the difference between their time and the highest time.
    • For example, Runner #1 best time is 30 minutes, Runner #2 best time is 28 minutes, and Runner #3 best time is 25 minutes.Runner #1 starts at 10:00AM, Runner #2 starts at 10:02AM (30-28=2, thus starting 2 minutes later) and Runner #3 starts at 10:05AM (difference of 5 minutes, thus starting 5 minutes later).
  • If everyone finishes on their time, everyone should finish at the same time.
  • Watch for others using the pathways.
  • Current news on Boot Race

Mountain of Hope:

Regina Beach Trail Race:

The Regina Beach trail race is a fun summer event with 5, 10 and 15 km options for runners to explore the Regina Beach area along paved trails, along roads and more rugged trails for longer distances. By tradition, a BBQ will follow the race.

Current news on Regina Beach Trail Race


Featuring 5 km, 10 km and 1/2 marathon distances. Walkers are welcome in the 5 km and 10 km distances.

Held the first Saturday in October at Canada Games Athletic Park (Douglas Park track), Assiniboine Ave, Regina.

Aid stations are approximately every 2 km.


Current news on Flatlanders

We are looking forward to having runners from near and far join us on October 1, 2016. All details and registration are provided through Race Roster and on the Regina Road Runners website and blog.



Supported by Track and Trail

Deadfall 50:

Harvest Moon Run:

This nearly 6 km run under a nearly full moon is nearly a race, but it isn’t a race. It also isn’t a long run, but it will be fun! This is a night race in late October. A headlamp or flashlight is required. Reflective clothing is required.

Following the race, everyone is invited to gather at the Lumsden Hotel.

Current news on Harvest Moon Run


For information about events no longer held, go to Archived Events.


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