Summer Trail Race Series

2017 Trail Race Series

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The Details

When: Thursday nights (weekly), 18:15 race time. Course overview and instructions at 18:10. Series will begin August 17 and end September 21.
Course: A moderate course will be set at each location. Courses will be marked in 2017. Maps will be made available electronically (see below) when possible.
Timing: Self timed. In order to be eligible for the evening, be signed in by 18:15. Timing is on the honour system. Any deviation from the course should be addressed by the runner as a self-assessed penalty.
Aid Stations: None
Course Marshall: Member in charge for the evening. This person will be participating as well.
Who: RRRC members. Guests are welcome to come for an evening race, but the series is planned for members. Please buy your membership online.
Cost: Free for RRRC members
Registration: None required. Just arrive in time to get your name recorded and sign the waiver.
Results: Will be posted online weekly here:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
August 17 August 24 August 31 September 7 September 14
Wascana Trails Lumsden TCT QVN Trails White Butte Living Skies Retreat
Runner 5.80 km 6.20 km 5.00 km 6.75 km 6.32 km
Aaron Popp 50.00 47.32 32.43 50.25
Leah Fichter 45.02 32.22 41.19 53.00
Doug Hynne 32.43 37.16 27.03 36.16 42.12
Lane Rathgeber 32.44 36.07 27.27
Pauline Beaulieu 45.00 32.25 37.43
Alma Tholl 45.03 33.41
Mitchell Japp 37.11 41.33 29.15 39.00 42.27
Jason Hubick 32.45 37.00 27.05
Jenna Bedel 38.41 28.18 37.18
Kevin Bedel 38.43 28.16 36.14 39.03
Dan Bihun 47.30 33.12 43.58 52.24

The Trails

  • Valeport area trail – September 21
    • Start from private residence, then head up the hill and hit the trail.
      • To get to start location, travel north on Hwy 20 from Craven. Across from the Valeport Dam, turn right into the driveway. From the Craven Esso, it is 4.0 km to the driveway.
    • Trail is in good condition.
    • Distance is 5 km.

Craven trail

  • Wascana Trails – August 17
    • Meet at the big map near the entrance to the parking lot. Directions to Wascana Trails.
    • Sections will be slippery when wet. An alternate course or location may be devised in the event of rain.
  • Lumsden Trans Canada Trail – August 24
    • Start at parking area off Grid #641 West of Lumsden. Turn right off James street, just south of the tracks in Lumsden, then follow #641 until the pavement ends, after about 300m of gravel, there is a trail map on the north side of the road.
    • This will be run as one way course. We will meet and then carpool to the starting location.
    • Distance is 6 km.
    • Trail is mostly grass covered and has been mowed fairly recently. The mowing schedule is not known.
    • An overview of the Lumsden area TCT is available along with a detailed map.
    • The Trans Canada Trail will be completed on August 26. This week will celebrate the achievement of a national trail.
  • Qu’Appelle Valley Nordic Club – August 31
    • Qu’Appelle Valley Nordic Club offered to let us use their new facility with a few kilometres of freshly cut grass trail. Check out the progress on this new club on their Facebook page.
    • Meet at the top of the hill, just past the sign (picture below) Directions to Qu’Appelle Valley Nordic Club.
    • 5 km. Course will be the same as used in the QVN Family Fun Run in June 2017.
    • QVN puts a lot of work into their trails. Donations are welcome.


  • White Butte – September 7
    • Meet at the maps by the primary trailhead. Click for directions to White Butte. PLEASE NOTE – due to construction the south access via Highway 1 is not usable. Access to White Butte must be from Highway 46.

White Butte trail 2015

  • Living Skies Retreat and Conference Centre – September 14 
    • Meet in the parking lot at the north end of the retreat centre. Thanks to Living Skies Retreat and Conference Centre for allowing us access to their trails.
    • Directions to Living Skies. The Regina Bypass construction has reached Hwy 11, so please allow some extra time for travel.
    • Grass may be long. Watch your step!
    • Distance will be 5-6 km.


  • Moderately styled after Nascar and tennis rankings
    • points awarded to those in attendance
    • top score goes to the first person across
    • point value based on total number registered
  • Rankings will be implemented if participation is sufficient.
  • Prizes subject to participation and availability.
  • Eligibility for prizes has not yet been fully developed, but will change depending on the number of runners attending.

Previous Years

Current news on Summer Trail Race Series


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