Summer Trail Race Series

2020 Trail Race Series

Current news on Summer Trail Race Series

The 2020 Summer Trail Race Series will run August 10 – October 5. This will be the eighth iteration of the series. The series is designed to get runners together and enjoy trying some great trails not too far from Regina. New procedures will be in place to minimize risk to runners due to COVID-19.

The Details

When: Monday nights (weekly), 18:15 race time (with some exceptions). Course overview and instructions at 18:10 (or 5 minutes before race time). Series begins August 10 and will end October 5.
Course: A moderate course will be set at each location. Courses will be marked. Maps will not be available prior to the event.
Registration: In order to be eligible for the evening, register for the series online using Race Roster and be present by the time the course overview begins.
Timing: Self timed. Times will be collected using the Strava app. Participants can join the Strava Trail Series club. Timing is on the honour system. Any deviation from the course should be addressed by the runner as a self-assessed penalty. 
Aid Stations:
Course Marshall: Member in charge for the evening. This person will be participating as well.
Who: RRRC members and guests. Guests are welcome to come for an evening race, but the series is planned for members. Please buy your membership online.
Cost: Free for RRRC members. When registering, use your RRRC membership and the registration fee will be waived. $10/week for non-members.
Results: will be posted below each week (to see rankings, scroll further down)

COVID-19 Pre-cautions

  • Registration is now online
    • Capacity will be set to 30 (and adjusted as allowed by the province, either up or down)
    • Waivers will be signed electronically upon registration (therefore no need to have people sign in on paper when they arrive)
  • Timing is self timed and submission will be online via a Strava group or by email (this eliminates any need to share pencils, paper or have close contact)
  • Start times will be staggered by 10 seconds based on expected finish times
    • this will minimize interaction and overlap on the course
  • Courses will be set such that they are loops that minimize overlap where runners might meet each other on the course
  • Locations will not be revealed publicly – only to registered participants the morning of the race

The Trails


Completed trails




  • Moderately styled after Nascar and tennis rankings
    • points awarded to those in attendance
    • top score goes to the first person across
    • point value based on total number registered
  • Rankings will be implemented if participation is sufficient.
  • Rankings are just for the fun and glory.


Previous Years

Current news on Summer Trail Race Series

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