2018 Regina Beach Trail Race Results

Another great day for the Regina Beach Trail Race.  70 runners were in attendance for a breezy (ok, downright windy) day.  Lots of socializing before and after the run.  Several members of the Marathon Matters group came out and added to the camaraderie.

Doug and Marilyn Leask did their usual incredible job of having everything organized and  gathering a large group of cheerful course marshals, timers and kitchen workers to ensure the day ran smoothly.  Thank you very much to Doug and Marilyn and the other people who gave of their time and considerable talents to make it a stellar experience.

Here are the results for the 2017 Regina Beach Trail Race:

Kid’s Race

Last Name First Name Sub-event Time
Robinson-Orozco Richard Childrens Race 3:50
Newton Ryder Childrens Race 3:56
Hicks Korbyn Childrens Race 4:03
Gyurek Finnley Childrens Race 4:05
Schneider Leighton Childrens Race 4:42
Herrington Hayden Childrens Race 4:43
Newton Ryker Childrens Race 5:03
Cannon Beth Childrens Race 5:04
Schneider Adam Childrens Race 5:32
Gallant Ryder Childrens Race 6:56
Herrington Elijah Childrens Race 7:45
Hicks Kynlee Childrens Race 7:46

5 km Race

Last Name First Name Sub-event Time
Renouf Gay 5 km 34:42:00
Howarth Brent 5 km 34:42:00
Wisniewski Krysta 5 km 35:05:00
Spitzer Joey 5 km 43:05:00
Spitzer Sarah 5 km 43:06:00
Kwasnicki Joanne 5 km 43:27:00
Kwasnicki Laura 5 km 44:47:00
Togneri Luciano 5 km 66:23:00
Togneri Lia 5 km 66:24:00
Thick Amanda 5 km 66:42:00
Herman Connie 5 km 66:43:00
Kaip Kimberly 5 km 69:32:00
Agarand Angela 5 km 69:32:00

10 km Race

Last Name First Name Sub-event Time
Gibbons Andrew 10 km 46:54:00
Krahn Kaitlyn 10 km 52:01:00
Allen Sharon 10 km 55:10:00
Pfeifer Cal 10 km 67:42:00
Allen Blair 10 km 68:25:00
Myrah Loanne 10 km 75:02:00
McCormick Megan 10 km 78:25:00
Spruyt Leona 10 km 82:26:00
Biden Valerie 10 km 82:30:00
Anderson Debra 10 km 85:52:00
Anderson Nathan 10 km 85:53:00
Bundon Johanna 10 km 97:12:00

15 km Race

Herrington Craig 15 km 65:29:00
Hicks Adam 15 km 66:32:00
Schneider Trevor 15 km 66:50:00
Humphries Shaun 15 km 71:57:00
Rathgeber Lane 15 km 74:35:00
Humphries Robert 15 km 74:55:00
Thick Cam 15 km 76:13:00
Carlson Jim 15 km 76:34:00
Newton Mark 15 km 77:30:00
Hubick Jason 15 km 77:35:00
Wilkes Cody 15 km 78:56:00
Quinney Shaun 15 km 79:02:00
Roldan Carlos 15 km 79:53:00
Cobbledick Trina 15 km 79:55:00
Kitsch Lesley 15 km 80:40:00
Carlson Terri 15 km 82:25:00
Luo Zhe 15 km 82:30:00
Stephenson Matt 15 km 83:53:00
Hynne Doug 15 km 84:58:00
Wessel David 15 km 97:52:00
Dembinski Tom 15 km 107:36:00
Orozco Alejandra 15 km 107:41:00
Allan Bevera 15 km 107:58:00
Tomyk Wendy 15 km 108:07:00
Ricci Lee-Ann 15 km 108:07:00

Regina Beach Trail Race 2018

The Regina Beach trail race is a fun summer event with 5, 10 and 15 km options for runners to explore the Regina Beach area along paved trails, along roads and more rugged trails for longer distances. There will also be a 700 meter Children’s Race. The Children’s race will start at 9 AM and the other races will start after all the children have finished

By tradition, a brunch will follow the race.

July 14, 2018. 9:00 AM. 450 10th Street, Regina Beach.

Click here to register.

24th Annual Flatlanders Road Race


The Regina Road Runners Club Flatlanders Road Race is an annual event featuring half-marathon, 10km, and 5km distances. The event starts and finishes on the trace at the Canada Games Athletic Park.  Race day is Saturday, September 29, 2018 at the Canada Games Athletic Complex (Douglas Park Track) Assiniboine Avenue.

NEW this year is the Kids 1 Mile Race starting at 9:00 am before the start of the ½ marathon starting at 9:30 am.

Package pick-up is at the Canada Games Athletic Complex (Douglas Park Track) on Friday, September 28th from 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm or on race day, 7:30 – 9:00am.

Race start times are staggered to reduce congestion at the start, to bring finishing times closer together, and for safety reasons so that faster 5 km and 10 km runners don’t have to run back against all of the other runners.

The race is run almost completely on the pathway within Wascana Park, with a few short pieces run on roadways within the park. The course is well marked with arrows and Km signs, as well as course marshals stationed at important intersections. Water is provided on the course at 5 stations.


The Flatlanders Road Race is an inclusive event for runners of all abilities. Walkers are welcome in the 5 km and 10 km events. The Regina Road Runners Club strives to keep registration fee reasonable by making the commemorative t-shirt an option when registering.

A portion of the proceeds from the 2018 Flatlanders Road Race will go towards playground structures in North Central Regina in cooperation with Sacred Heart Community School and their School Community Council.


2018 Boot Race Results

What an awesome day for a run!  By race time it was 20 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze.  The race followed the usual course from Rick Hansen park and circled A.E. Wilson Park with a full loop of the island.  The crowd (all 3 of them) watched with racing hearts as the race unfolded.  Several unexpected passes mid-race left the timers and finish judges on edge as the group neared the finish line.  It wasn’t quite a photo finish but close enough to be exciting.

This year we had 3 first time Boot racers.  Rob Humphries ended his first ever Boot Race by taking home the coveted trophy.

All the runners did a great job and there was lots of chatting as runners and volunteers enjoyed a snack and a drink while waiting for the official results.  Mary Simrose was sad to give up the trophy but ran a very strong race.2018 Boot Race Collage

Thanks to the volunteers who helped setup, tear down and manage the race.

2018 Boot Race
Last Name First Name 5 km time Start Time Gun Time Running Time
Humphries Robert 29:00:00 2:00:00 26:14:00 24:14:00
Rathgeber Lane 23:11:00 7:49:00 30:07:00 22:18:00
Bedel Jenna 27:30:00 3:30:00 30:34:00 27:04:00
Simrose Mary 31:00:00 0 30:34:00 30:34:00
Bedel Kevin 24:00:00 7:00:00 30:39:00 23:39:00
Hynne Doug 25:00:00 6:00:00 31:14:00 25:14:00
Rathgeber Carolyn 25:20:00 5:40:00 35:43:00 30:03:00
McGaffey Sean 30:00:00 1:00:00 DNF


2018 Boot Race

When – May 6, 2018, 10 a.m.
Where – A.E. Wilson Park

Cost: Non-members – $15, Members – free
Click here to register.

Boot Race is a 5 km handicap race. For those who have never run a handicap race, or need a reminder, each runner starts the race based on his/her best 5 km time in the past year. If everyone matched his/her time exactly, everyone would cross the finish line together. BUT, if you can beat your best time, you come across the line just a little bit ahead of everyone else.

Come on out and have some fun.
Maps will be provided electronically, closer to the event.
Watch for others using the pathways.

Boot Race course 2015

2017 Regina Beach Trail Race Results

** There were a couple of errors in the 5 km results.  Those have been corrected as of July 21.

Thank you to the 65 runners who came out to participate in the Regina Beach Trail Race.

A special thanks to the organizers and volunteers – course marshals, timers and kitchen workers, who kept most of us on track and headed in the right direction.  We had a beautiful day with sunshine and a cooling breeze.  As usual the course was challenging but enjoyable. The pancakes and sausage following the race were great.

Here are the results for the 2017 Regina Beach Trail Race

Kids Race

Newton Ryder M Child Run 3.49
Gyurek Finnley F Child Run 4.53
Newton Ryker M Child Run 5.23
Maki Aedan M Child Run 5.25
Stumph Nathan M Child Run 5.41
Barry Sara Marie F Child Run 5.48
Gallant Ryder M Child Run 7.40

5 km Race

Lawson Karen F 5 km 21.02
Newton Ethan M 5 km 24.39
Stump Mike M 5 km 25.11
Bonnell Vicky F 5 km 30.26
Albrecht Nadine F 5 km 31.40
Bendig Melissa F 5 km 32.52
Haggard Melissa F 5 km 32.52
Morrelljohnson Shirl F 5 km 33.15
Leask Heather F 5 km 33.37
Schlenker Amanda F 5 km 34.57
Patterson Tomas M 5 km 36.35
Bonnell Art M 5 km 39.25
Patterson Emmett M 5 km DNF

10 km Race

Grundle Shaun M 10 km 43.56
Criddle Kaytlyn F 10 km 43.59
Humphries Robert M 10 km 01:05:18
Carlson Amy F 10 km 01:06:19
Carlson Terri F 10 km 01:07:14
Johnson Gary M 10 km 01:07:54
Zerr Shelley F 10 km 01:09:20
Hodge Curtis M 10 km 01:09:35
Kim-Crossman So Young F 10 km 01:09:52
Fieger Erin F 10 km 01:09:59
Walton Stephanie F 10 km 01:10:42
McDonald Lisa F 10 km 01:10:45
Dreher Kathy F 10 km 01:11:40
Roldan Carlos M 10 km 01:14:39
Patterson Aaron M 10 km 01:16:06
Rathgeber Lane M 10 km 01:16:06
McLeod Cathie F 10 km 01:19:43
Spitzer Joey M 10 km 01:21:47
McCormick Megan F 10 km 01:22:35
McBride Bonnie F 10 km 01:24:40
Quickfall Raye F 10 km 01:24:41
Spitzer Sarah F 10 km 01:24:46
Wilde Kathy F 10 km 01:33:29
Park Miso F 10 km 01:34:14
Hooker Chelta F 10 km 01:39:29
Lillejord Autumn F 10 km 01:39:34
Novotna Gabriela F 10 km DNF

15 km Race

McLeod Rob M 15 km 01:09:14
Newton Mark M 15 km 01:11:11
Taylor Jennifer F 15 km 01:28:52
Hubick Jason M 15 km 01:33:50
Luo Zhe M 15 km 01:34:36
Dreher Dennis M 15 km 01:35:35
Hynne Doug M 15 km 01:36:32
Wessel David M 15 km 01:36:50
Wilkes Cody M 15 km 01:40:59
Kitsch Lesley F 15 km 01:42:07
Quinney Shaun M 15 km 01:44:07
Rempel Megan F 15 km 01:48:03
Riley Corina F 15 km 01:47:57
Williamson Angela F 15 km 01:58:04
Klein Mallory F 15 km 02:09:32
Nault Jill F 15 km 02:09:32
Kelly Stevie F 15 km DNF
Kelly Shawn M 15 km DNF